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Resource: Featured Articles
Getting a Second Job Without Losing Your First One
Monday, December 10, 2012

You don't have to have been laid off to fall on hard times. Everyone feels the effects of a weak economy, even those who have managed to hang on to their jobs. Full-time workers are putting themselves into the job market in order to find additional income to make ends meet.

In a recent Simply Hired survey, 44% of 7,000 job seekers said that they were going to look for part-time jobs during this holiday season. As the country's economic recovery has proven to be a slow process, it has made many Americans worried about their employment security.

Taking on a second job also serves as reassurance of a cushion to fall back on should there be a need to implement Plan B. Where this has potential to backfire is when there is an offset in balance. If having another job causes your work peformance to suffer you may have shot yourself in the foot in creating the catalyst for losing one or both jobs.

To prevent overworking yourself, here are some tips to managing your time and energy wisely:

1) Do a trial run.
You can never be sure of whether you'll be able to handle two jobs if you've never taken on more than one job before. Finding something temporary at first will help you gauge your workload capacity. Trying to manage a part-time job on top of a full-time one is much more difficult than juggling two part-time ones which is why very few people do it. Give yourself some time to figure out whether this is something  you want to commit to.

2) Adjust your priorities accordingly.
Two work schedules can quickly take over life. The time sacfrices will cut deeply into your social and family life. You'll have to make tough decisions as to what is more important to, including which job if it comes down to that. You might be determined not to give up on your new job but you'll have to realize when it's not worth ruining your full-time position.

3) Make it something you can look forward to.
There's nothing more discouraging than feeling like you've just given yourself another obligation. Instead of making your life feel completely while on the job. Whether it be the environment or the work itself, part-time positions can be found in just about any field. Finding one that matches your interests might also help you hang on to it longer.

Two jobs is tough even for workaholics. Most people won't do it unless the extra cash is crucial to keeping their finances afloat. If you consider yourself as part of that group, supplementing a full-time income with extra made from a part-time gig isn't impossible. As long as expectations are realistic, you can find a way to make it work. A very important thing to remember is that your life requires balance in order to function properly. Living a life that revolves solely around work will lead you to quickly burnout.