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Resource: Featured Articles
Consumers Spending Saves Retail...Yet Again
Thursday, May 31, 2012

At at time when retailers are facing some of their toughest challenges, it's consumers who undoubtedly come to their rescue.

With the weather getting warmer and gas prices making their way back down consumers are hitting the stores.

Analysts at Retail Metrics Inc. projected an average of a 3.3 percent gain for Target Corp., the second-largest discount retailer in the U.S. Its rise surpassed the average, however, reaching 4.4 percent.

One reason for the increase was the widespread holiday sales for Memorial Day weekend. The nice weather also helps in motivating people to get out of the house and in a money-spending mood.

Masses of people hit the malls to take advantage of holiday promotions resulting in a 4 percent hike in sales for more than 20 retailers. Initial estimates for that figure were only at 1.8 percent.

This is proving that U.S. consumers are gaining confidence and exemplifying their resilience to effects of the economy.

Now that gas prices have gown down 7.6 percent after nearly a year of gas prices stuck at a high it's no wonder that consumers are in better spirits. In fact, according to a University of Michigan index, consumer confidence is at its highest level since October 2007.

That isn't all that has changed since 2007. The month of May has been the warmest in the U.S. since then and had the hottest Memorial Day in over half a century, according to weather data provider Planalytics.

While brick-and-mortar stores struggle to keep up with the use of online shopping, it's clear that nothing can replace people's desire to spend time out of the house--not to mention the ability to try on clothes before purchasing them.

As retailers get ready for the summer season demand there is no question that they'll again be hiring additional staff to take care of all their patrons.

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